Journalist & Content Writer

Paper Sea

Paper Sea Quarterly was a Melbourne-based independent magazine exploring the intersection of surf, art and travel. Here, I wrote feature articles, interviewed local and international artists and subedited content. (R.I.P PSQ: 2011 – 2017). 

The Frontier Mentality (PSQ 15)

An interview with prominent Canadian painter, Peter D. Harris

"The ‘frontier mentality’ remains prominent in landscape painting; the idea that the wildernesses in countries like Australia and Canada remains pristine –untouched by the encroachment of modern society. Canadian painter, Peter D. Harris challenges the idealised tropes in his paintings, which hark back to the nation’s foundation. While the forests, swamps and mountains of rural Canada provide a picturesque setting, Harris captures landscapes that are reflective of the modernised, urban society that we have become."

Hudson Brown