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Streat: Goodness in Every Drop

Originally published on June 2, 2017 for Assemble Papers.

An interview with Bec Scott, founder of popular social enterprise STREAT

"As STREAT enters its eighth year in operation, Bec and her growing team are as committed as ever to helping youth access the services they desperately need. So far the organisation has helped over 800 young people, most of whom have gone on to find stable employment. But Bec is under no illusion that their work is done, adding that there are still tens of thousands that need help.

“I’m very realistic about the fact that we’re just done this tiny, tiny drop in the ocean – and that ocean is very big and very deep. I just want STREAT to keep committing to doing as much good as possible and keep building enterprises to be part of that solution. We’re just getting started.”

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Photos by Alice Hutchinson.