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Keys to the City: 3000 Acres

Originally published November 25, 2016 for Assemble Papers. Also featured in Assemble Papers Issue #6: Future Local. 

An interview with 3000 Acres project manager Pippa French. 

"As Melbourne continues to grow larger, denser and inevitably more vertical, a major concern for French is that neighbourhoods are becoming less personal. She believes these vacant properties and spaces can be put to work to create healthier and safer communal areas that have endless benefits. “I think a community garden creates another type of open space, as opposed to a park. It creates different opportunities for people to be in public spaces and for them to interact and to get to know each other. I don’t have kids and I don’t walk a dog, but a community garden is something I can go to every week to be a part of. I think that is really the most important thing.”

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Photos by Tom Ross.