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Grafa: Grounded in Principal

Originally published November 17, 2015 in Assemble Papers

An interview with Travis Blandford and Harriet Devlin of Grafa, a local Melbourne copper gardening tools manufacturer with a strong focus on design and build quality

"One of the few copper tool producers in the world, Grafa now boasts an inviting collection of handmade garden planters, trowels, forks, scoops and hoes. The tools maintain a sense of old-world charm, similar to the classicism of old pocket knives, axes and hammers. Travis finds inspiration in the way these keepsakes “seem to last forever” and are passed down through generations. Stocked across Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK, Travis and Harriet will look to expand Grafa’s reach to Europe, Japan and South Korea in 2016." 

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Photos by Fred Kroh 

Hudson Brown